Dave Martin

Speaker, Writer, Banker Advocate

Like many in the banking industry, Dave Martin was an accidental banker. After early careers as a radio morning man, marketing director for an oilfield industry supplier, and a stretch working in the finance department of a university research facility, Dave was recruited by a friend to join a bank. Specifically, he was hired to run that institution’s first in-store branch location.

Given more freedom (and less guidance) than most people hired to run a bank branch, Dave quickly learned that banking is a people business. Bank branches, products, and services tend to be (or are perceived to be) rather homogenous. If a bank is going to differentiate itself, it will be through its people – the moving parts of the organization.

With in-store banking in his DNA, Dave also developed strong opinions on the power of small, talented teams and their abilities to outperform the status quo. Dave Martin was preaching the advantages of "Universal Bankers" long before the concept became cool.

Two decades and stints as senior bank executive and trainer/consultant later, Dave's core beliefs about banking remain intact. Banking remains a people business, and organizations with good people win.

Dave Martin has become one of the most prolific writers in the banking industry. His columns and newsletters are read in thousands of financial institutions each month. His keynote presentations, seminars, and podcasts have an authenticity and humor that brings teams of all sizes and seniority levels together.

He is also a member of the guest faculty of the Southwest Graduate School of Banking at SMU.

Dave is a lucky husband and proud dad of two sons and travels out of Houston, Texas.

Keynote Presentations

Meetings can seem like a tiresome necessity, or a productive investment in your employees. Teams can leave a meeting disengaged…or energized. A Dave Martin presentation engages, informs, and motivates teams like few can. Invest in your team and turn your next meeting into a memorable and energizing event.

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Onsite Evaluations

"Evolution does not mean elimination; but failing to evolve guarantees elimination." Branches will continue to be relevant in a changing banking landscape. Whether your branches will be relevant, however, depends on your actions. Branches can either be the primary differentiators and growth engines of your institution, or albatrosses that weigh down your organization's profitability. BankMechanics' Dave Martin brings a unique set of skills and experience to help your organization identify aspects of your traditional and in-store branches' marketing and sales practices that are well-suited for our changing industry and those that must evolve.

In-Store Sales Development Seminars

The In-Store Sales Development (ISD) Seminar is a half-day session that will have long term impact on your in-store banking and/or non-traditional branch program. For over two decades, Dave Martin has been the most published advocate of in-store banking and its cultural impact on banking. Like the rest of the banking industry, in-store banking strategies and best practices have evolved as well. In ISD Seminars, Dave shares his unique perspectives and proven philosophies on the marketing and selling of financial services in true retail environments. Individuals new to the in-store, on-site, or in-line banking industry will come away from this energetic session with a clear orientation of the what, how, and why of in-store banking best practices today. Experienced personnel and managers will be re-motivated to lead their teams and build healthier, more productive sales and service cultures.

The Advantage Letter

Dave Martin’s Advantage Letter is one of the longest running newsletters in the banking industry - inspiring thousands of bankers, retailers, and service industry professionals to help their teams succeed.

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American Banker

Dave Martin writes the longest continually running opinion column for the American Banker publication. American Banker is acknowledged as the banking industry’s journal of record.

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